A Brief History of Bristow Christian Academy

Bristow Christian Academy began in 2012 with a handful of students and a group of parents who were determined to make a difference in their children’s lives by offering them the opportunity to complete their studies in a Christ-centered environment. In its beginning, classes were held in what is now the Lower Learning Center, and was administered by various volunteers. Humble though it was, this sacrifice laid the groundwork for what would become a full time Christian school.

The 2013/2014 school year proved yet another milestone in the structure of the school, as more students were added and two full-time faculty members took on the task of organizing the daily schedule. Adopting the ABeka video program as their chosen curriculum, the Academy established a reputation of high academic standards.

In 2014, Bristow Christian Academy was moved to a new facility across the street from its beginning location. It was here that two more staff members were added, as well as a fulltime principle. Bristow Christian Academy graduated its first senior who achieved academic honors upon completion of the school year.

The next two school years (2015 – 2017) brought even more growth. Through the summer of 2017, Bristow Christian Academy stepped out in faith for the coming school year and added two more classrooms in another on campus facility.  These additional classrooms were to be used for K4 – 3rd grade students. 

Bristow Christian Academy, with a current staff of 6 full time teachers, is a place to train, prepare, and educate young people in an environment of quality academics and strong discipline.  Students will be trained to witness their faith, exemplify Christian character, and to chase their dreams! 

Bristow Holiness Church
114 W. 1st St,
Bristow, Oklahoma 74010

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Sunday Evening 5:30pm
Wednesday Evening 7:00pm

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